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Who We Are.

We are an award-winning overseas and UK property sourcing and investment specialists, based in Glasgow, sourcing nationwide.


Our collaborative approach to business has fostered valuable industry connections and cemented a strong reputation, underscoring our commitment to transparency and ethical practices, with our industry leading service.



Throughout our global operations, we have successfully brokered over £8 million in property. This success has enabled us to build lucrative portfolios for thousands of returning investors, both in the UK and overseas.

Over the past three years, we've consistently provided hundreds of exceptional investment opportunities to a wide range of clients, from those acquiring single buy-to-let properties to those building multi-figure portfolios.


This time has also allowed us to foster strong, meaningful relationships which are not only integral to our process, but also testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients.




Joanne Yeow


Sourcing for the right property can often be a daunting task. However, David from Smart Property Sourcing has guided us through our property investment journey. From the initial stages of understanding our investment goals to the final steps of acquisition, his expertise and dedication were evident. What truly set him apart was the commitment to keeping us updated throughout the property refurbishment process. His consistent communication ensured that we were always in the loop, making us feel involved and valued as investors. Highly recommended David and his company to any investor looking for a seamless and informed property buying experience.

What We Do.

What We Do


Since 2020, we have effectively sourced and meticulously vetted hundreds of exceptional off-market, below market value investment opportunities for thousands of investors using innovative marketing strategies, before presenting them to clients in our bulletproof presentation packs.



After using our trusted legal team to guide you through the conveyancing process, we will carry out any necessary renovations on your behalf. 

Once the property has been renovated, we shall manage your property in our letting company.


Viewings Service.

​We can view properties on your behalf with our hands-fee Viewings Service.

Become A Client.

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Since 2020, we've been sending property deals to our growing mailing list, now over 5,000 strong, while also taking a commitment fee from our most active investors. However, we believe it's time to elevate our services. We are moving towards a more structured, personalised approach that will cater to the unique investment goals of all our clients.

Basic Plan

VIP Plan

Fixed Returns Plan

Free to Join

£50 per month

8 - 12% Returns

Our free client plan, with exceptional below market value opportunities sent straight to your inbox, every week.

Our premium plan, which offers priority clients a personalised experience whilst enjoying first access to below-market value opportunities, and other exclusive Bespoke Plan benefits.

For clients who want to make fantastic returns from property without taking ownership, with the opportunity to learn.


We are an industry-leading overseas property sourcing and investment company. We have successfully sourced a multitude of properties for overseas clients from countries including Hong Kong, China, Dubai, and Netherlands, among others.

The Team.

David Smart



Wojciech Jurkiewicz

Quality Manager

Alex Coghill

Operations Manager

Alex Headshot White.HEIC

Contact Us.

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Got a question? Feel free to fill your details in below or message us on WhatsApp and a member of staff shall get in touch as soon as possible.

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